Peter Szigeti is an international fashion photographer known for his style and passion for directing and creating visually stunning images.He was born in Budapest, in the heart of Europe which made it easy for him to travel and experience the fashion capitals of the world like London, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona. During this time he developed a strong connection to the fashion world, making it his main focus of interest. His editorials are collaborations with other young and talented artists around the world in the field of makeup, hair, and styling. His style of photography is visually loud and also delicate like a whisper. He currently resides in Boston, MA.

Mission Statement

In my language photographer is fényképész. It can be broken down into 3 words fény – light, kép – picture and ész – mind. Therefore the photographer uses light to create pictures using his mind. Understanding this philosophy made me choose the field of fashion and editorial photography where I can do more directing and collaboration. By doing so I feel more like a visual engineer. I grew up in Hungary, which made it easy for me to travel to the fashion capitals of the world. During my time of exploring Europe I fell in love with the complexity of editorial photography. I enjoy being the catalyst in a project where individual artist come together to produce wonderful art. 

Using Format